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Leadership & Business Management 

Selective course studies can be designed for groups of ten or more students.

Price: 299$


Course Description

The EP Academy was established to provide individuals with in-depth training in the fundamentals of good business. Our four weeks program lays the foundation for the successful launch of entrepreneurial activity and helps keep small businesses on track.

Skills to be Taught

General leadership skills along with tricks in regards to business management; Marketing strategies along with key features for Brand enhancements; Financials Management, the basic do's and don't.

Course Modules

Foundations and Application

of Everyday Leadership

Understanding your Purpose (Concept of Values; Culture; Belief System; Principles; Processes)

Sales & Marketing

Marketing Opportunities; Sales Skills; Your sales story; Targeted Marketing

Designing the Organization: Business Management

Business plan; product definition; Organizational Infrastructure; stakeholders Management 


Value of your brand; Creating a personal brand; Building brand equity

Financial Management 

Cash Flow Risk; Assessment & Solutions; Tax Mitigation Investment Opportunities, Retirement; Estate Planning


Course Tutors


Cheryl Bedard


1st Level Certificant of CFP Financial Planning 


Branding and Financial Management 

Dr. Olutoyin Oyelade


Doctorate in Leadership Management


Business and Leadership Management

Yannick Le Fang


PRM in Financial Risk Management


Financial Risk Management

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