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Entrepreneurs Point offers a solution to the startups, entrepreneurs and businesses looking to create ideas for revenues.

Save time, cost and resources by focusing on your core business area while we do the rest.

Our workspace design features private offices that comes furnished or unfurnished. As a blank canvas designed for you to turn into your own unique space. Whether you're a fan of the retro style, or you're going for the business savvy look, the office is yours to turn into that beautiful space you've always thought of. Common spaces have a distinct aesthetic and vibe that will inspire you or your team, as well as the guests and clients you bring.

You can collaborate, share experiences and get inspiration from other members and entrepreneurs such as yourself. From day one, you'll see that our members are full of ideas that can bring you business growth and a richer network. You can also get input from our experts by attending our various networking events.

Olutoyin Oyelade Picture

"Our mission is to create a community of thriving entrepreneurs by providing them with the means necessary to grow and spread their word"

- Dr. Olutoyin Oyelade, Founder and CEO

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